Shift,sale, dismantling, assembly, making, restoration and repair of auto glass and glass

The company has been dealing with change for many years, sale, reassembly, assembly, making fronts, side and rear auto windows and glasses. Recovery, gluing and repair of auto glass and glasses, guaranteed fast and cheap to your address to avoid unnecessary waste of time and hassle on your part. After consultation with our specialist, we give complete information, which ones we will fix and which ones we won't.

Reconstruction and transformation of buses from cargo to passenger.

Delivery of auto glass and parts from the United States and Canada.

Delivery of auto glass by courier or personal delivery throughout Bulgaria.


Automotive glass

Long-time professional in shift, the sale, disassembly and assembly of fronts, front and rear auto windows and glasses!
Conversion and transformation of buses. Carving and glazing!

Above 20 years in the field of change, sale, dismantling, installation and manufacture of windshield, side window and rear window. Repair, repair and bonding of auto glass and glasses. For cars, buses, trucks, buses, trolleybuses, tram, construction and agricultural machinery, road-laying machines, heavy machinery, household and industry! The company has a well-trained installation team! We know very well that time is precious to you, we fulfill the orders in the shortest possible time!

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Recovery, repair and repair of auto glass

Auto glass repair, hollow, flakes, asterisks, cracks.

Repair of rear window heaters.


Trust us as many of our customers have!

We have developed our activity shift, disassembly and assembly at an address for your convenience! We mainly go to an address in Sofia, Pillow case, Radomir, Hole, His own, Elin Pelin, Botevgrad, Kostinbrod, Zlatitsa, Pirdop, Ikhtiman and Samokov. But if you are not, from the specified regions does not mean that we cannot visit you and carry out the change, montage!

Please send an inquiry or call us. We are expecting you!