Recovery, repair, gluing and repair of auto glass

Recovery, repair, gluing and repair of auto glass

Recovery, repair, gluing and repair of hollows, flakes, stars and cracks.

Repair of rear car seat heaters.

When your car window is hit by a dagger, or other injuries, the three-layer auto glass, then their repair becomes possible. A scale appears on the affected auto glass ,star or magnifying glass, this is strictly individual for each impact. Auto glass repair is possible because the three layers of which it is made allow pressure to be created on the cracked area with a special injector and a photopolymer specially developed for the purpose is inserted. The technician observes the filling process and when he considers that the cracks on the auto glass are filled ,treated with UV light. The polymer hardens and glues the cracks.

Auto glass repair is considered successful and on 100% regained strength ,when the polymer completely fills the cracks.

The biggest enemy of gluing auto glass is pollution. Many people are mistaken ,that they won't have a problem since the high beam didn't start and they continue to drive their broken windows for days ,months, and years may pass when the beam in question will start. Then the replacement of the auto glass will be reduced % from the strength and the visible part of the repair. That's right ,because the moisture ,which gets inside, deposits particles and other things and cleaning is impossible. Therefore, when you get a stone on your car windows, don't wait until it's too late to repair.

Apply colorless plastic tape to the injured area ,to prevent moisture and dirt from entering and call us to do the best possible and high-quality auto glass repair!

Repair of rheotans on rear car windows.

Repair of rheotans on rear car windows. In the case of a burnt rheotan or several rheotans, we can restore them. Also with a soldered leg of the power supply, of rheotan can be recovered.